Splitting a Multi-Page PDF into a Single Evernote Note

In lectures I always want to take notes at the bottom of the slides that the lecturers give us, however they are normally posted as pdf's - making taking notes in powerpoint impossible. Since my favourite note taking program is Evernote, I've written a small applescript plug-in using automator that adds a service to your mac allowing you to 'split' a pdf and store all of its pages in order as jpegs in a single Evernote note. Then you can write notes in between each slide and easily view the entire PDF!

So, how does this work?

You select the pdf in question in finder and right click it, selecting 'Split to Evernote'. Evernote will then open and you are then prompted to type out the name of the note to be made and select a notebook to stick it in. Finally you end up with a single Evernote note, containing images of all the pdf pages in the original document, each with some line spaces between them where you can take notes - simples!

How do I get it?

Download the plugin Split To Evernote.zip. Extract the zip and you should see an automator workflow - if you want to edit the script/see how it works, right click and select 'open in automator', otherwise to install right click again and click 'install service'. The service should now be installed on your mac and you can start splitting PDF's to Evernote!.

The only problem with the script at the moment is that it generates a bunch of files that you don't need, and I can't work out a way to remove them at the moment - because of this I normally only use the service in the Downloads folder, so I can just empty the folder to trash every so often to get rid of the un-necesssary files. If you work out a way to fix this please let me know so that I can post an update!